HON. NANCY HARVEY STEORTS: Former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
First Consumer Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture 
International Safety Consultant 
Author of 3 Highly Acclaimed Books on Safety
Television Commentator and Speaker
Tel: 703-790-5116
The Nation’s Foremost Authority on SAFETY

Your Home Safe HomeAdapted from leading consumer protection expert Nancy Harvey Steorts' popular "Safe Living in a Dangerous World" (Capital, 2003), "Your Home Safe Home" takes you on a room-by-room inspection of a house with checklists of safety tips and things to watch for. Follow the advice on these pages to guarantee the safety of everyone in your family-from the youngest to the oldest. Pass it along to a new owner, or use it to judge whether you want to buy a particular house-based on its safety. As an added bonus, "Your Home Safe Home" gives tips for safe food handling, holiday celebrations, weather protection, even disaster planning.

In the current real estate market, the safety of your home can be a real selling advantage. And for those who are looking to buy, and those who have chosen to stay, home safety is imperative.

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Like smoke detectors and first aid kits, this comprehensive book should be part of every family's home saftey arsenal. In Your Home Safe Home, Nancy Steorts not only reaffirms her role as our nation's safety ambassador, she shows us how we can all become our own safety ambassadors. Her latest book is an encyclopedia of tips for keeping our homes and lives safe.

Bill Novelli, former Chief Executive Officer, AARP

Safe Living in a Dangerous WorldSince September 11th, the American public is more concerned about personal safety than at any time in the last 50 years. Now the former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a comprehensive, but easy-to-use resource with quick safety checklists to guide you through living in America and traveling outside its borders. From threats of terrorism to home safety; from safety for seniors to safety for babies, children, and college kids - learn how to prepare yourself for all contingencies. Includes the new Homeland Security Guidelines, as well as instructions for developing a Family Disaster Plan, practicing and maintaining it and what to include in your Disaster Supply Kit.

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This book provides comprehensive treatment of saftey issues ranging from Homeland Security guidelines to the prevention of injury in the home, at work, school, play or during travel. It is pragmatic and has many doses of insight and common sense to protect you and your loved ones. Use it as a reference book after you read it cover to cover for safety's sake.

Dr. Ron Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Parkland Hospital, Dallas

A timely, comprehensive guide for preventing accidental injury and death.

Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America