HON. NANCY HARVEY STEORTS: Former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
First Consumer Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture 
International Safety Consultant 
Author of 3 Highly Acclaimed Books on Safety
Television Commentator and Speaker
Tel: 703-790-5116
The Nation’s Foremost Authority on SAFETY

1 · How do you protect yourself from hidden dangers when purchasing a home?

2 · Are you renovating your home? Do you know about permits and qualified contractors?

3 · Did you know that domestic violence is a major safety issue today?

4 · Do you know how to survive a potential airline crash?

5 · Do you have allergies? Did you know they could come from your indoor environment?

6 · Do you have a home inspection every year to check for potential problems?

7 · Do you have an emergency plan in case of an emergency?

8 · Do you have your home checked for radon, which is the #2 cause of lung cancer?

9 · How safe is your child in their nursery?

10 · Is your pool or whirlpool a potential death trap?

11 · Is your home safe from fire?

12 · How safe are your children and grandchildren?

13 · Are you aware of safety tips for seniors who may want to age in place?

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