HON. NANCY HARVEY STEORTS: Former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
First Consumer Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture 
International Safety Consultant 
Author of 3 Highly Acclaimed Books on Safety
Television Commentator and Speaker
Tel: 703-790-5116
The Nation’s Foremost Authority on SAFETY

Accidents and injuries are preventable, if we just know what to do. As the former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and as an international safety expert, I have spent several years of my life working with consumers throughout the world helping them to learn about their safety so they will not be a statistic.

Thousands of people die each year accidentally.

Everyone wants to live in a safe, worry-free environment, but most of us are closer to a disaster waiting to happen than we realize. A loose rug, a slippery floor, venetian cords that are left dangling, a broken heater, or even the bed you sleep in may be unsafe.

Safety is very important. It can make the difference between life and death.

What is your Safety IQ?

Do you have a home inspection every year with a professional home inspector? This just might prevent a carbon monoxide poisoning or a potential fire.

When you left your home today, did you unplug all of your small appliances? If not you could be a potential victim of a fire.

When you drove to work today, did you wear your seat belt, and did you have your front seat back as far as possible, to prevent a possible air bag injury?

If your children under age 13 or your grandchildren are riding with you, did you have them in the back seat securely belted in? If they are smaller are they buckled into an up to date child restraint system? This will keep them safe from the air bag being deployed in the front seat up to 200 miles an hour, or an unfortunate accident that could seriously injure them.

If you are having new carpet installed, do you insist that the installer cut the carpet away from your home, and let it air out for 72 hours, so your loved ones will not have a respiratory attack from the fumes that are emitted from the carpet, pad and glue that is used?

Do you wear a helmet whenever you are riding a bike, a motorcycle, roller blading or skiing? That fall could cost you your life if your head is not protected.

Are you aware of the major problems we are having with our food supply? To avoid a serious food borne illness, be sure your meat and poultry is thoroughly cooked, and throughtly wash all fruits and vegetables. This will help you prevent some of the terrible food borne illnesses that can occur.

Do you have a smoke detector that works, and one that has a battery backup in case of an electrical outage? If not you could be a victim of toxic smoke fumes if there should be a fire.

These are just some examples of things you should know in order to increase your safety IQ.

Your Safety is My Concern, Your life and that of your loved ones might be saved, if Safety also becomes your Concern.