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Are You Traveling This Holiday Season? BE SAFE!

Safety recommendations from Hon. Nancy Harvey Steorts, Former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, author, Your Home Safe Home, Safe Living in a Dangerous World, and Safety and You.

Travel increases greatly in the holiday months, as so many families are preparing for vacation. It is important to think ahead before you leave on that much anticipated trip. You must be vigilant for your own personal safety and that of your loved ones, whether you are flying, driving, cruising in a boat, or while you are staying in that wonderful new hotel room. THINKING AHEAD and PREPARATION is key to avoiding a potential disaster. BE aware of potential safety problems, before they occur.


Traveling can be a wonderful opportunity to leave your troubles behind and relax. Although hotels do their best to assure a safe stay for their guests, it is a good idea to follow simple precautions to avoid potential problems.


  1. Review hotel fire escape procedures and locate emergency exits, especially the closest one to your room, as you walk to your room. Many hotels have an emergency exit map located on the back of the room door. Count the number of doors to the closest exit. If an emergency, always take your room key and a wet towel to cover your face from smoke inhalation.
  2. When checking in, women should use only their first initials and last names. Make sure the hotel clerk does not announce your room number. If it happens, request a new room.
  3. Use a hotel safe-deposit box for valuables, traveler checks, and cash you’ve brought with you. It is advisable not to bring valuable items with you when traveling.
  4. Never leave your room key or card unattended.
  5. If you lose your room key, contact the front desk immediately.
  6. Always double- lock your door. Do not open the door to any un-announced people.
  7. Lock your Luggage at all times.
  8. If you feel unsafe finding your room, ask for a hotel escort. They are always able to accompany you.


Airline safety has become a topic of extreme importance since September 11. Having been the victim of an airline disaster myself, I know the apprehension one feels when it is necessary to travel by air again. Many new procedures have been put in place by the government, airlines, and airports. However, it is important to preplan your trip carefully to handle your anxieties. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for the trip and to get to the airport. Also try to put yourself in as calm a frame of mind as possible. If you are apprehensive, talk with the airline authorities so that they can reassure you of everything they are doing to make your trip both comfortable and safe.


  1. Arrive early. Heightened airport security measures increase the time needed to check in. Arriving at the airport two hours before your flight’s scheduled departure is advisable.
  2. Watch your bags and personal belongings at all times
  3. Do not accept packages from strangers.
  4. If you see unattended bags or packages anywhere in the airport terminal or parking area, immediately report them to a security officer or other person of authority.
  5. Report any suspicious activities or individuals in the airport or parking lot to airport security.
  6. When on the airplane, listen carefully to the flight attendant’s safety instructions.
  7. Note where the exit closest to your seat is located, in case there is an emergency.
  8. Wear your seat belt at all times.
  9. Wear natural fiber clothing, in case of fire. Synthetics will melt.
  10. Do not ever accept a package from a stranger.
  11. Turn off all electronic devices when instructed.
  12. Never panic, if there is an emergency. Breathe deeply, meditate, and calm others.


Above recommendations are from Hon. Nancy Harvey Steorts, National Safety Expert and former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Author, "Your Home Safe Home', "Safe Living in a Dangerous World", and" "Safety and You".

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