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Preparing for a Festive Holiday Season

This is the festive time of year, when family members, visit each other. All generations of the family are together in the same place sharing lots of memories, and welcoming new babies, and grandchildren. Some are enjoying the crackling fireplace, while little children are running around, enjoying their new toys. Sounds of laughter and joy permeate the household.

This is the time of year, that it is extremely important to think "HOW SAFE IS MY HOME?

If you have considered each of the questions, you can now settle down, and have a relaxing, wonderful visit with all of your friends and relatives during this upcoming Holiday season.

Happy Holidays and a Safe Holiday to EVERYONE!

Article written by Nancy Harvey Steorts, former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission., author, of Your Home Safe Home, Safe Living in a Dangerous World, Safety and You, founder and President of Nancy Harvey Steorts International, an international product safety expert, and Associate Broker at Long and Foster, McLean. For more information contact Nancy Steorts at nancysteorts@cox.net.