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Holiday Season Check List for Your Home

With the holiday season fast approaching, families are gathering to celebrate. SAFETY MUST BE AN UTMOST CONCERN! Nothing is worse than a joyous occasion that is ruined by a preventable injury or accident. By preparing your home for visitors with the following items listed below, the chances for serious accidents or injuries greatly decrease.

If You Have Children Visiting:

1. outlet plugs for all electrical outlets
2. child proof locks for the cabinets
3. oven locks
4. dead bolt fastener
5. cabinet slide locks
6. door wedge security alarm

If You Have Senior Citizens Visiting:

1. safety treads for the shower
2. safety strips for the carpets and rugs
3. bath tub safety bars
4. railings on all steps

Every Home Should Have:

1.fire extinguishers
2. smoke detectors
3. carbon monoxide detectors
4. timer for lights for security
5. new extension cords
6. flashlights
7. emergency supply kit and plan for family
8. outdoor lighting so people can see
9. railings on outside steps
10. a radon check of your home

Article written by Nancy Harvey Steorts, former Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission., author, of Your Home Safe Home, Safe Living in a Dangerous World, Safety and You, founder and President of Nancy Harvey Steorts International, an international product safety expert, and Associate Broker at Long and Foster, McLean. For more information contact Nancy Steorts at nancysteorts@cox.net.